About Water

The chemical composition of water consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms (H2O). Water in its natural liquid state is a result of these molecules being held together (hydrogen bond) by cluster formations or ‘polywater’.


The human body excretes water through breathing, perspiration, and urination. In order to make up for the water loss, it is recommended to drink 5-6 glasses of water daily. Supplying the body with enough water is necessary for facilitating the proper decomposition and disposal of the food we ingest. Water assists, then, in ‘garbage disposal’ for the human body. Water is also needed to maintain sufficient and healthy levels of energy. In the absence of water, free radical mineral ions in our blood stream cannot react with biological enzymes to provide energy. When the body is properly functioning and we have the energy we need, we then feel better and even think better. Improved mental acuity.


With increased inactivity, high stress levels, and high intake of foods full of saturated fats, it’s even more urgent than ever to maintain sufficient water intake to prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer, kidney failure, aging, obesity etc.  Proper hydration is a fundamental necessity for a healthy body and mind.


Drink! Be Healthy and Happy!