Life can get pretty hectic sometimes. That’s why Alka Logic bottled water delivery service is Easy, Quick, Convenient, Flexible and it’s FREE!

No more traffic, drive-time and parking inconveniences. Receive your yummy  delicious and hydrating  Alkaline Water delivered in the comfort of your own home and/or office in either BPA-FREE bottles or Glass!

bottles-option-plastiicOrder your 3 or 5-gallon  container of Premium Oxygenated Alkaline or Premium Purified Water today!

Bottle size and style:

3 and 5 Gallon Glass Bottles
3 and 5 Gallon BPA-Free Containers

Coming soon – 1/2 liter and 1 liter cases of Premium Alkaline Water

Why Alka Logic? Because

Alka Logic the only water that makes sense!

bottles-option-glassOur commitment to you is:

  • Excellent service
  • Superior Product
  • Safe and Hygienically sound products
  • Fair prices

Your satisfaction is our number 1 Priority!

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